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The Power of Scent

"Everyone needs a signature scent." That is one of the many beauty lessons (but as I get older I actually think it's a life lesson) that my mother has taught me. Scents, pleasant and putrid, play an important part in everyone's life. They instantly take you back to a different time, to another version of yourself, to a place you long to return or never return to. Out of our five senses, our sense of smell is most linked to memory and emotion.

A dear friend once told me that she and her mother would always buy a new Bath and Bodyworks spray before they went on one of their cruises, a special scent for

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every trip. Therefore, when they would use the scent in the future it would remind them of their cherished experience. Maybe for you it's the comforting smell of your grandma's homemade food that makes you feel like everything in the world is going to be okay, despite the fact that you're broke, haven't slept in 4 years because of university, and have no idea what you're going to do with your life. It could be the smell of pine trees that reignites the feeling of freedom you experienced on your solo backpacking trip in the Appalachian mountains. It's the bold smell of Aqua Net that transports you to 1989 getting ready for the prom while Rhythm Nation blasts in the background. Maybe you're walking down the street in London and a stranger happens to be wearing the cologne/perfume of your lover (or ex-lover). Whatever that familiar scent might be for you, when you encounter it again, you cannot help but feel a slight shift inside of you. Because for that one moment, you are reunited with a memory that makes the present unimportant and fade away.

So, a signature scent? Well, when you find a perfume that you truly love, an intimate ritual with oneself evolves with every spritz and spray you adorn your body with. That's why it's important to purchase a scent that YOU love. The principle of dressing for yourself, not for others applies here. That being said, the more often you wear your scent, the more people, whether or not they realize it, may start to associate that scent with your name, your personality, and your character. I know that sounds kinds of heavy, but hear me out. Whenever my friend smells the Chloé Nomade Eau de Parfum, she instantly thinks of me and will even send me a text of her rendezvous with the scent, and same goes for me whenever I smell her familiar Jo Malone.

Chloé Nomade is an extension of who I am for three reasons (this is not sponsored, but if they read this and would like to. . . that'd be amazing): 1.) I wear it out often, which has solidified the connotation of Mayreni and Chloé, Chloé and Mayreni. Even if I'm a thousand miles away, when they smell it, I pop up in their mind. See how powerful scents are? 2.) The heart of the perfume is described by Chloé as "the essence of a free-spirited and confident woman, taking inspiration from her experiences and encounters throughout the world and asserting who she is." Yes, that's a great marketing description, but it happens to encapsulate who I always strive to be, even before I encountered my first bottle. At first sight, I connected with its Nomade name because I happened to be traveling Europe at that time. Still today whenever I wear it, I always feel like a confident, assertive, strong, and free-spirited traveler. 3.) It's truly one of the most complex perfumes I've ever smelled. It's unique, bright, intense, warm. . . myself in a bottle?

A scent is not just a dissipating smell. It's a lingering thought, a kiss on your skin, a declaration to the world of who you are that no one can contest. Whether your scent is Bath and Bodyworks, an essential oil, or Chanel, wear it proud, wear it with confidence, and feel powerful.

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