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The Hearts Behind Heart & Clay Co.

"Handmade earrings with a little bit of clay and a whole lot of heart." This is the motto of the fast growing and quite beloved online earring brand Heart & Clay Co. The unique craftsmanship and note-worthy styles are tailored to all types of shoppers, whether you're looking to add new statement earrings to your repertoire or more subdued, yet undeniably chic pieces. Each pair is truly one of a kind, so no "who wore it better" on the red carpet conversations will be happening. The verdict is in: these earrings will become your new favorite jewelry pieces!

I reached out to the wonderful co-creators to learn more about their company, vision, and for some sneak peak looks at their latest drop happening this Friday (9/18) inspired by summer's dazzling golden hour (cue "Golden" by Harry Styles).

Meet Carla and Elina- the hearts behind H&C Co.

1. What made you both want to start Heart & Clay Co.?

We both love crafting. So one Friday night last year we decided to try the clay earring fad. We bought the polymer clay along with some tools from the craft store, but for the first few times we had to use things around the house as cutters! We made around seven or eight pairs and started to wear them around church and on our outings. The response we got from our friends and family was so supportive. Just about everyone started to ask when they where going to be able to get their hands on a pair, even the men where wanting pairs for their wives and girlfriends! From there, we started to brainstorm how we could pull this off. It really was that push of encouragement that sparked the idea of Heart and Clay.

2. Why the name Heart & Clay Co.?

It took us a loooong time to come up with a name. There were several lists that were made, and Heart and Clay truly encompassed the product as well as our faith. Both are extremely important to us and we wanted something to represent those aspects.

3. How would you describe the H&C woman?

The H&C woman truly is anyone! That’s something that was a priority to us from the beginning. We’ve had preschool girls be so excited about little flower studs, to Elina’s 92- year-old grandma loving a pair of dainty hearts. The two of us have contrasting styles, which gives us more understanding of different style preferences. When creating, one of the most exciting things is if there's maybe a color or a size that is a little too big or too small that we wouldn't usually wear, there's always at least ONE person who will find it as the perfect pair for them. We have really learned to just let our creativity run free because there is someone out there who will be able to rock that pair with confidence! There is so much freedom in not being tied to a certain aesthetic.

4. Currently your store is on IG. Would you ever open a brick and mortar shop?

We haven’t given too much thought to that yet. While we are all for in-person experiences, we want to hone in on our online presence. We have plans of launching our own website soon and doing sales through there, as well as possibly using Etsy as a platform.

5. A key part of your brand is “women empowering women.” How does H&C Co. do that?

We first accomplish this through our own partnership. In supporting each other and being a friend before a business partner, we have the relational equity to speak into each other’s lives and know that the other is speaking from a place of love. This then trickles down into the business! We see far too often women being in competition with each other. It’s sad how natural it even is. We want to remove comparison and replace it with championing with joy and grace for each other.

6. What have you both learned as entrepreneurs creating an online business?

We’ve learned that it’s hard work to run your own business! It takes a lot of intention and organization to get things up and running and to keep it all going smoothly. Our goal is to give it our 100% and in the process continue to level up. We’ve also learned that we are capable of a lot more than we would've thought. It’s important to celebrate the little victories because those lead to even bigger ones. Every milestone we hit are just as sweet and exciting as the very first one were. After having done this for almost a year, it is so encouraging to look at some of our first earrings and compare them to what we are creating today to see how much we have improved, not only in our quality and designs, but in our business and organizational skills too.

7. What inspires your designs (colors, shapes, patterns, etc).

We really do draw inspiration from just about anywhere. Our go-to’s are Pinterest and other clay creators. A session of earring making consists of us taking a little bit of time to scroll and see what styles or colors we love. From that point on, we just get EVERYTHING out by letting our hands create what we've dreamt up in our minds from our research inspiration time right before.

8. What are your personal favorite pieces?

Carla: Some of my most favorite pieces are the neutral colors! I find they pair so well with all styles. I am also a really big fan of the shimmer and gold fleck’s we incorporate in some of our styles. It is such an easy and simple way of adding something extra and so unique to our jewelry.

Elina: I have a few different favorites! I think my tops would be marbled or color blocked designs. I like to look for colors that won’t get lost in my dark hair, so typically warm bright colors. I’m also a sucker for any of the funkier ones.

(Scroll down for some serious style inspo!)

9. When can people usually expect new releases?

Our typical drop day is on Friday’s. With the busyness of everyday life, our drops have been a little inconsistent. We’re working on posting new collections regularly. We would love to share new pretties every other Friday, or at the very least, once a month. Why not end your long work week with snagging a pair of beauties to look forward to?!

(editor's note: We agree!)

10. Where do you see the future of Heart & Clay Co.?

Carla: When I think about the future of Heart & Clay, I imagine a really successful online shop. I would love to have a couple of pop-ups at adorable coffee shops or plant nurseries on our calendar each month. I see us really getting creative with our collections and hopefully making multiples of our styles so we can sell more of the same to everyone!

Elina: I totally agree with all that Carla shared. I would also love to add more products that we've mastered. Maybe other accessories or cute things for the home! I know that there is room for so much growth in Heart & Clay and I can’t wait to see where it takes us.

Check out Heart & Clay Co. on insta to shop their end of summer line inspired by the spectacular golden hour and to stay up to date on all things H&C Co.! <3

All pictures taken by Heart & Clay Co.


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