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Homemade Flatbread and Hummus

I am picky about my bread and I am equally as picky about my hummus. A bit of context, my dad's family comes from the Mediterranean tradition and therefore I have been schooled from a young age about quality pita and hummus. After many recipes tried and tested over the years I have to say that Food 52's Genius recipe feature of Ottolenghi and Tamimi's hummus is one of the best. I have two versions of making hummus now, the longer version (Food 52) and my original shorter recipe that uses canned chickpeas.


The one in this recipe is the longer one, but it is well worth the wait. The result is a creamy and dense mixture, think of a smooth gelato, but with the perfect ideal thickness of how you'd want hummus to be.

Next is the bread. I found a recipe from the cooking blog toastedtable.com featuring a coriander and labneh flatbread. If you don't know what labneh is, let me introduce you. It is a thick pasteurized cow's milk yogurt that is tangy and creamy. It is in between greek yogurt and Icelandic yogurt (skyr), which is also delicious. I love labneh because there is no added sugars, it's low in fat, and has natural probiotics for a healthy gut. It is also versatile too. . . okay a separate post will come out about all the ways to eat labneh.

I adapted the toastedtable recipe by using sprouted spelt flour, to up the nutritional value, instead of using regular white flour. I also omitted the sugar. The result was a fluffy, light, slightly nutty, and fragrant bread thanks to the coriander. I will note that the recipe said to cook the flatbread on both sides for 3-4 minutes on medium-high, but I found that to be too long resulting in the first 3 breads getting a bit more charred than preferred. I suggest doing 2 minutes on each side over medium heat. I am not sure if the time adjustment may be due to my use of a different flour, but if you try it I'd love to know your results!

The flatbread is great on it's own, dipped in hummus, as an an open-faced souvlaki sandwich, or for brekky with eggs on top, etc. (I tried all of these and by golly they were good). It's versatile and delicious. In the picture featured below I topped it with the homemade hummus, some smashed avos, sweet cherry tomatoes, added some za'atar, and a squeeze of lemon. Eventually I added some kalamata olives for giggles, but I had already eaten half, so there's no picture of that.

I will include links to the two original recipes below as well as my tips.

(my @dash.of.delish.version)

Food 52 featured Yotam Ottolenghi & Sami Tamimi's Basic Hummus

My tips: Quality chickpeas will make a big difference, same goes with the extra virgin olive oil used when serving. When buying EVOO make sure it is in a dark bottle to prevent possible light exposure which can alter the taste. Additionally, there are different ways to plate hummus, for example just with EVOO, or you can add some fresh parsley, sumac, tomatoes, or pop on a few reserved chickpeas.

toastedtable Labneh Coriander Flatbread

My tips: I chose to use sprouted spelt because sprouted flours (legumes, seeds, nuts, etc.) are actually easier for your tummy to digest and they also have a higher nutritional value. Once again, I omitted the sugar because I personally try to limit the amount of added sugars in my food choices. That being said, adding sugar to the yeast + water mixture helps the yeast to become more active. I found that without the sugar my dough still doubled in size and worked well. Additionally, maybe reserve two or three smaller flatbread doughs to play around with the cooking time to ensure you won't burn the entire batch. Keep your eye on them! If you're not going to eat the bread right away, stack one on top of the other and place a towel over the stack so that they stay warm and are ready for serving. If you make a big batch to eat throughout the week (or to freeze), you can warm them up in the toaster, or my personal favorite, over the open flame of my stovetop.

Lastly, if you can't get ahold of labneh feel free to use greek yogurt, just make sure that it's plain, has no added sugar or flavoring. I would suggest a whole milk yogurt, but if all you have is non-fat then that's okay too, just know that the flavor profile will be different.

Buon appetito!


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